Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Music and Alzheimer’s

…..At the Institute for Music and Neurologic Function (IMNF), technology is playing a key part in helping people with Alzheimer's disease reconnect to their memories and their loved ones—if only for immediate periods of time. We call it our “Well-Tuned” program and its impact has been extraordinary.

The technology I mentioned is the iPod, which can be loaded with music that is emotionally significant to the individual with Alzheimer's disease. The music may spur memories thought long gone or stimulate recognition of a loved one that moments earlier was no more than a blank face. It may also help a person with Alzheimer's disease function and transition throughout the day, from energizing them during their waking hours to helping them wind down as bedtime approaches.

The iPod music play list is customized, changing from person to person based on their experiences, cultural backgrounds and frame of reference. As with lovers who grow sentimental when “their song” is played on the radio, the right music stimulates the personal associations that it is connected with, sparking memory and renewed “presence.”…….

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